lateral mesoderm

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lat·er·al plate mes·o·derm

the peripheral portion of intraembryonic mesoderm that is continuous with the extraembryonic mesoderm beyond the margins of the embryonic disc; it forms the somatic and splanchnic mesoderm between which develops the intraembryonic celom.
Synonym(s): lateral mesoderm

lateral mesoderm

Unsegmented mesoderm lying lateral to the intermediate mesoderm. In it develops a cavity (coelom), separating it into layers (somatic and splanchnic mesoderm).
Synonym: hypomere
See also: mesoderm


1. denoting a position farther from the median plane or midline of the body or a structure; the side or outside.
2. pertaining to a side.

lateral aids
used by the rider to move a horse sideways; pressure by the neck rein and the thigh and calf on the same side at the same time.
lateral body folds
folds which commence at the head, then at the tail eventually meeting at the umbilicus; the folds gradually separate the embryo from the extraembryonic tissues.
lateral collateral ligament
lateral ligaments of many joints, e.g. the femorotibial articulation.
lateral decubitus
lateral recumbency.
lateral geniculate nucleus
a terminal and relay station for optical nerve fibers within the thalamus, beneath the lateral geniculate body.
lateral mesoderm
or lateral plate mesoderm; mesoderm which extends (a) around the embryonal gut and (b) inside the surface ectoderm to enclose the celom between these splanchnic and parietal layers respectively.
lateral nasal process
a process which borders the nasal pit, eventually the nostril, and which is derived from the embryo's frontonasal mesenchyme.
lateral palatine processes
processes which grow out from the maxillary processes and grow into the oronasal cavity, eventually fusing with each other and the medial palatine process and the nasal septum to form the embryo's hard palate.
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