lateral border

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lat·er·al bor·der

the margin or edge of a structure that is farthest from the midline.
Synonym(s): margo lateralis [TA], lateral margin
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lat·er·al bor·der

(lat'ĕr-ăl bōr'dĕr) [TA]
The margin or edge of a structure that is farthest from the midline.
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We used the following entry points: thoracic spine; 3 mm caudal to the junction of the transverse process and the lateral margin of the superior articulating process, and the sagittal trajectory was always orthogonal to the dorsal curvature of the spine at that level as described by Fennel et al, in lumbar spine; the junction of the pars interarticularis, the midpoint of the transverse process and the inferior point of the superior articular facet, in sacral; the infero-lateral margin of the basis of the superior articular process of the sacrum We collected data on the number of patients, the number of inserted pedicle screws, and parameters of the surgical technique (entry point, axial, and sagittal trajectories).
On the anterior part of the left mastoid, lateral margin of the petrosal bone, and squamous part of the temporal bone, osteolytic changes were found.
Dorsal carina of hind angle sharp, slightly divergent from lateral margin, reaching one-third distance to anterior margin.
The plate overlaps the anterior median dorsal plate at the anterior margin and overlaps the mixilateral plates at the lateral margins. The anterior margin has an anterior corner midline and is delimited from the lateral margin by distinct anterolateral angles.
7 and 8): hypandrium stripe-like with a small triangular posterior projection on one side, gonocoxites with a group of alveoli on lateral margin, gonostyli little longer than gonocoxite, coniform, with acute apex, a group of alveoli at base and short sparsely distributed setae on apical 2/3; gonocoxal apodeme strongly sclerotized, pilose ventrally and with rounded distal margin; aedeagus bifid, left branch little longer and wider in dorsal view, one short sinuous paramere articulates with aedeagus and ends on the small projection of the hipandrium; epandrium as long as wide, pilose, surstyli coniform, 1.5X the length of gonostyle, with one tenaculum at apex.
The surgical specimen revealed a moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma with clear margins (8 mm from the lateral margin and 10 mm from the deep margin).
Lateral margin and posterior to the ventral sucker showed that the size and shape of these spines were dependent on the area of the fluke on which they were present.
Body pale yellowish with mid-dorsal red to brown stripe following median carinae of coryphe, pronotum, and mesonotum and more weakly along the commissural margin of forewings (darkest on the vertex); black marking at apex of fastigium and extending to lateral margin. Abdominal tergites III-VI each with big median red spot.
Ophthalmic examination revealed lacerated wound over the lateral margin of corneal limbus.

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