lateral crus

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lat·er·al crus

limb or leglike portion of a structure, farthest from midline.
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Pocket sidewalls and between-the-limb spacers provide lateral limb control.
2002) were the first to examine whether the protective effects of a prior bout of eccentric exercise could transfer to the contra lateral limb.
Muscle force / movement activity--classically rated with 5 points, but in inverse proportion where the normal movement activity compared to the lateral limb is rated with 0;
The ABS recurve will draw heavily on Win & Win's expertise in carbon riser and limb construction, with full ILF compatibility, a Lateral Limb Alignment System, and all standard ATA standard accessory mounting holes.
No patient felt pain during the surgery, none required supplementation and most (84%) had no motor block in the contra lateral limb.
According to Fisch, once the arcuate eminence is identified, a 60[degrees] angle can be imagined anterior to the line along the SSC (with the apex of the angle at the lateral limb of the SSC).
Each adrenal gland is composed of the main body, a lateral limb, and a medial limb.