focal illumination

(redirected from lateral illumination)

fo·cal il·lu·mi·na·tion

illumination in which a beam of light is directed diagonally to an object so that it is brilliantly illuminated while the surrounding area is in shadow.
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focal illumination

Concentration of light on an object by a mirror or a system of lenses.
See also: illumination
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A complete ophthalmic examination by both direct and lateral illumination techniques revealed presence of two nematodes in the anterior chamber.
To compare these features and measure their validity, a description by first order statistics was achieved with a feature vector formed by mean, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis from another set of finish roughness images under coaxial, angular and lateral illumination.
The xenon arc permits dispersion of the high beam and combines a long range with broad lateral illumination. A supplemental high beam halogen spotlight can act as a headlight flasher and further optimises the beam's throw
Optical fibres processed with multiple point lateral illumination are woven into cloth to display various colourful designs and letters as well as moving images
The lighthead rotates continuously without stops and can be lowered to 29 1/2 inches from the floor for excellent low lateral illumination.
The architect cannot adjust this external pattern - the only source of lateral illumination. Nor may he support his interventions on the older brick walls.

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