lateral head

lat·er·al head

head of origin farthest from the midline. Terminologia Anatomica lists lateral heads (caput laterale ...) of the following: 1) triceps brachii [TA] (... musculi tricipitis brachii [TA]); 2) gastrocnemius [TA] (... musculi gastrocnemii [TA]); and 3) flexor hallucis brevis [TA] (...musculi flexoris hallucis brevis [TA]).
Synonym(s): caput laterale [TA]
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1) Embryologically, plantaris is considered as a derivative of the deeper portion of the lateral head of gastrocnemius and often represented as the 'third head of gastrocnemius' or 'gastrocnemius tertius' as advocated by McMurrich JP.
Standard stuffincludes ESP stability control, frontal airbags, lateral head and thorax airbags, a pressure sensor to detect impending impacts, seat belts with pre-tensioners and anti-whiplash head rests.
Brachial fascia were incised along the border of brachiocephalicus muscle and lateral head of triceps.
0 cm along its major axis [3], (2) anatomically exceptional fabella in the lateral head of the gastrocnemius, (3) abnormal placement or mismatch of prosthetic components resulting in impingement of the fabella, and (4) ligament instability possibly caused by an unbalanced distribution of soft tissue [12].
This snake also made two lateral head movements approximately 15-25 cm forward and away from the center of its coil.
Palpatory pain was present along the lateral and postero-lateral joint line and in the proximal lateral head of the gastrocnemius.
They concluded that neutral head position during CVC was a reliable and safe position especially when lateral head rotation was contraindicated or restricted.
Bipolar sEMG of eight superficial muscles (descending parts of the trapezius, anterior and posterior parts of the deltoid, pectoralis major, long head of the biceps, long head and lateral head of the triceps, and latissimus dorsi) was recorded with circular, wet gel, silver/silverchloride electrodes (ARBO, type S93SG, Tyco/Healthcare Deutschland; Neustadt/Donau, Germany) at a sample frequency of 1,000 Hz.
Lateral head rotation, neck flexion, and head hyperextension was avoided in each position.

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