lateral head

lat·er·al head

head of origin farthest from the midline. Terminologia Anatomica lists lateral heads (caput laterale ...) of the following: 1) triceps brachii [TA] (... musculi tricipitis brachii [TA]); 2) gastrocnemius [TA] (... musculi gastrocnemii [TA]); and 3) flexor hallucis brevis [TA] (...musculi flexoris hallucis brevis [TA]).
Synonym(s): caput laterale [TA]
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The safety levels on the Renault Clio 220 Trophy Renaultsport are extremely high, Standard stuff includes ESP stability control, frontal airbags, lateral head and thorax airbags, a pressure sensor to detect impending impacts, seat belts with pre-tensioners and antiwhiplash head rests.
The lag screw position and the inferior and lateral head displacements were recorded before and after loading.
Bipolar sEMG of eight superficial muscles (descending parts of the trapezius, anterior and posterior parts of the deltoid, pectoralis major, long head of the biceps, long head and lateral head of the triceps, and latissimus dorsi) was recorded with circular, wet gel, silver/silverchloride electrodes (ARBO, type S93SG, Tyco/Healthcare Deutschland; Neustadt/Donau, Germany) at a sample frequency of 1,000 Hz.
Lateral head rotation, neck flexion, and head hyperextension was avoided in each position.
These muscles and tendons embrace the proximal sides of the lower triangle which are comprised of the two heads of gastrocnemius and the very small plantaris muscle, which lies beneath the lateral head.
Type 1 fractures extend from an extra-articular location at the junction of the posterior femoral shaft and the proximal aspect of the femoral condyle superiorly to the posterior aspect of the condylar articular surface inferiorly, such that the popliteus tendon insertion and the lateral head of the gastrocnemius origin remain attached to the condylar fragment.
In a side impact, the belt inflates between the shoulder and head to reduce lateral head movement and provide protection from impact with the side window or colliding object.
The best side impact performance is achieved with an SFI or FIA approved head and neck restraint, a good harness system, seats that have hip and shoulder support, and a lateral head support system.
This patented protection barrier is designed to absorb vehicle crash forces, minimize lateral head movement, contain the head and body and shield the child from vehicle intrusion.
The tendons of the medial and lateral heads of the FHB insert onto the medial and lateral sesamoids, respectively.

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