lateral excursion

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a range of movement regularly repeated in performance of a function, e.g., excursion of the jaws in mastication. adj., adj excur´sive.
lateral excursion sideward movement of the mandible between the position of closure and the position in which cusps of opposing teeth are in vertical proximity.
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lat·er·al ex·cur·sion

movement of the mandible to the right or left side.
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lat·er·al ex·cur·sion

(latĕr-ăl eks-kŭrzhŭn)
Movement of the mandible to the right or left side excursion.
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Place the wafer against the upper teeth and have the patient move into left lateral excursion until the lower teeth locate the indentations in the wax made by the mandibular cast.
Disocclusion of all non-working inclines in lateral excursions and group function of the working side inclines in lateral excursions are the basic criteria to be met for the PMS concept.
During the SEBTs the biceps femoris was most active during the posterior, posterolateral, and lateral excursions. High activity during the two posterior excursions can be explained by gravity acting on the trunk, causing a hip-flexion moment.

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