lateral epicondyle of femur

lat·er·al ep·i·con·dyle of fe·mur

the epicondylus located proximal to the lateral condyle.
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Reference line design: In order to describe the mediolateral and superioinferior relationship between NEPs and the bony landmarks, the greater trochanter of femur (A), lateral epicondyle of femur (B), and pubic tubercle (C) were chosen as bony landmarks for measurement.
Based on the results of this study, we suggest that during the practice of chemical neurolysis treatment to thigh adductor muscles spasticity, one could measure on body surface the length between greater trochanter of femur and pubic tubercle (H line), and the length from greater trochanter of femur to lateral epicondyle of femur (L line).
Three white circular stickers, each 10mm in diameter were applied on the skin over the bony prominences over lateral aspect of the knee (lateral epicondyle of femur, Gerdy's tubercle and fibular head) as markers for assessing the movement of the lateral condyle of tibia in relation to the lateral condyle of femur in sagittal plane.
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