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1. Order for procedure in health care according to mandate of supervisory personnel or dictates of other prevailing authority.
2. Alignment of movement from one bodily locus to another (for example, cephalad, caudad).
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Bringing about the free balance of the head on the spine and the resulting release of the erector muscles of the back and legs which establish improved coordination.
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1. Order for procedure in health care according to mandate of supervisory personnel or dictates of other prevailing authority.
2. Alignment of movement from one bodily locus to another.
[L. directione]
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(4) the generated mesh by the three-dimensional parametric geometry modeling method will be of poor quality at the position where the slope of the surface along axial direction and lateral direction is too large.
Based on (16), horizontal equivalent stiffness of the specimen in longitudinal direction ([K.sub.h1]) and lateral direction ([K.sub.h2]) is 7.31 kN/mm and 861.4 kN/mm, respectively.
In relation to the performance of the groups, the athletes achieved statistically superior results to the control group in the medial, posteromedial, posterior, posterolateral and lateral directions in the left leg and in the medial, posteromedial, posterior and posterolateral directions in the right leg (P < 0.05).
The changes in turbulence intensities are slow between 00:00 and 12:00 on August 8, with average turbulence intensities being 0.47 and 0.40 and maximum values being 0.71 and 0.67 in longitudinal and lateral directions, respectively.
It is clear from the diffraction contrast that individual graphite layers are of 20-200 nm thick (along c-axis direction), but have far longer periodicity (larger crystallite size) up to several micrometer in the lateral direction (along a-b plane).
The ON Target system from McLaughlin allows contractors to adjust the lateral direction of the steering head along with the vertical movement.
where [L.sub.x] is the width of illumination for the incident x-ray wave, restricted in the lateral direction, [a.sub.h] is the scattering capacity of the medium [5].
First, 50 distances and 50 angles, except angle BAX = 0, were averaged over 8 subjects and symmetrized laterally because photographic space was isotropic in the lateral direction (Watanabe, 2004).
As sulphate ion is mobile, it is possible to follow changes in sulphate content of groundwater of the Keila-Kukruse and Lasnamae-Kunda aquifers in the post-mining time and to understand how waters move in lateral direction in both aquifers of the Ordovician system.