lateral deviation

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lat·er·al de·vi·a·tion

(latĕr-ăl dēvē-āshŭn)
Movement of the mandible as it shifts from side-to-side, especially during opening or closing.
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Figure 1 shows the lateral deviation between the transmission fiber and the receiving fiber; the lateral deviation between them is [r.sub.i].
With a laptop computer, progress of the bore can be viewed graphically in real-time with a profile of the bore and a birds-eye view of lateral deviation. On completion of the pilot bore, the system provides a record of the bore profile, lateral deviation from the projected path, and other data which can be retained as a computer file or printed for a hard copy record.
UK researchers are fine-tuning system hardware and software to reach a lateral deviation error goal of less than 1.5 feet (0.5 meter) standard deviation.
Considering that the driver safety objectives are to keep the vehicle lateral deviation within, for instance, n10% of a 3 m-wide lane and to maintain TLC above 2 s, Equation 6 predicts that drivers maintain their lateral acceleration r = [V.sup.2]/R below 0.55 m/s2, a value compatible with usual highway driving (Lechner & Perrin, 1993).
In discopathic patients, postural parameters comprising trunk inclination, angle of thoracic kyphosis, angle of lumbar lordosis, lateral deviation, trunk torsion, vertebral rotation and pelvic obliquity fail to reach Hartzmann's physiological reference ranges.
The lateral deviation of head especially in dead foetus becomes life threatening for dam due to uterine contractions inappropriately treated cases (Sane et al., 1994).
X is straight line displacement; Y is lateral deviation (i = 1,2, 3, and 4 are the left front wheel, the right front wheel, the left rear wheel, and the right rear wheel of the chassis, resp.).
The medial and lateral cortices were poorly delineated, and lateral deviation of the proximal tarsometatarsi was present bilaterally (Fig 1).
With respect to the analysis of nasal deformities, the presence of a lateral deviation with deviation of the tip was observed in 45% and deformities of the nasal hump in 50%.
"Your mileage may vary" is fine with your equipment, but not with lateral deviation from the localizer as you blast right through it.
Postoperatively a chest X-ray confirmed a lateral deviation of the catheter into the subclavian vein (Figure 1).

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