lateral crus

lat·er·al crus

limb or leglike portion of a structure, farthest from midline.
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Congenital deficiency of lower lateral cartilages is rarely observed; hence, lack of medial and/or lateral crus is extremely rare.
Thus, an ecstatic rhinoplasty relies on the nasal tip support and projection, adequate interconnections between upper and lower lateral cartilages as well as lateral crus of the lower lateral cartilages and medial crural attachments of the caudal septum.
[6] The lateral crus plays an important function in defining the shape of the ala and providing support to the external nasal valve.
By dissecting the lateral crus, flipping it over, and putting it back in place we can "reconstruct" a new lateral crus and reshape it to correct the concavity without the need to harvest additional grafting material.
The complete esthetic evaluation of nasal surface anatomy utilizes geometry and the existence of a lateral drop-off angle of the lateral crus is defined.
To test the external valve, an ear curette was used to gently hold the lateral crus of the lower lateral cartilage, and the patient assessed the nasal airflow on the VAS.
Cartilage grafts, harvested from the nasal septum, were then placed above the lateral crus and extended laterally toward the piriform aperture.
The apex of the angle was set at the lateral crus of the SSC.

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