lateral condyle

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lat·er·al con·dyle

condyle farthest from the midline.
Synonym(s): condylus lateralis [TA]
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In the CR group, movement from full extension to maximum flexion resulted in average AP translations for the medial and lateral condyles of 4.3 [+ or -] 3.5 mm (−3.0-9.4 mm) and 7.9 [+ or -] 4.2 mm (2.4-10.6 mm), respectively.
Two of the four failures in his series were due to development of lateral condyle ON requiring revision to TKA.
Type-3: Supra condylar ridge and lateral condyle of femur.
* Rigid fixation is achieved by two or three Kirchner's wire fixation put through medial epicondyle and lateral condyle or through lateral epicondyle.
OBSERVATION: Vertical groove on the anterior surface of the lateral condyle was present in all seventy tibiae.
It was observed at the tendomuscular junction, articulating with posterior aspect of the lateral condyle of the tibia and lying close to the head of the fibula.
Osteosclerosis of the medial femoral condyle decreased more markedly than that of the lateral condyle (Fig.
The latter, in addition, depends on another preponderant factor such as the considerably larger size of the medial condylar surface of the humerus compared to the lateral condyle (Taylor).
In fractures of lateral condyle, ORIF is indicated when lateral tilt or valgus mal-alignment more than 50, articular step off more than 3mm or condylar widening more than 3mm.(26)
The fractures were classified using the Jacob classification for fracture of lateral condyle of humerus.
The presence of intra-articular fragments avulsed from the medial epicondyle or the lateral condyle especially in children may prevent reduction.

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