lateral angle of eye

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lat·er·al an·gle of eye

the angle formed by the junction of the lateral parts of the upper and lower eyelids.
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Eight mice from group1 were injected intracerebrally, just in the middle of line between the lateral canthus of eye and ear opening, with 0.03ml of brain tissue suspension (10%) of cow.
Description of superimpostion points Superimposition points Description Point 1 Left lateral canthus Point 2 Left medial canthus Point 3 Soft tissue nasion Point 4 Right medial canthus Point 5 Right lateral canthus Table 3.
The medial and lateral canthus ligaments were cut to access the caudal aspect of orbit.
The most common location being the medial/ lateral canthus of eye.
Occurrence is usually in the midline; however, cases occurring in the nasal root [5], in the lateral canthus [5], bilaterally [6], and in the chin [12] have been documented.
For the lateral orbital tumor, we approached the tumor from a horizontal skin incision of the lateral canthus; for the superolateral tumor, we chose S-shaped skin incision, which included inferior margin of the eyebrow and lateral canthus; for the inferolateral tumor, we approached the tumor from a skin incision of the lateral canthus which extended to the lower eyelid margin.
Various specialties including plastic surgery, otolaryngology and maxillofacial surgery deal with this kind of fracture and differ in their approach towards reduction and fixation of the processes of the zygomatic bone.12 The malar eminence is the most prominent portion of the zygomaticomaxillary complex (ZMC) and is located approximately 2 cm inferior to the lateral canthus.
Another two incisions were made in the upper hair line of brow aligned with medial and lateral canthus and finally a third incision was made a finger breadth (8-10mm) above the two brow incision.
Starting at the lateral canthus a line is drawn with a semicircular pattern towards the lateral eyebrow.
The most common sites of involvement of periocular BCC are the lower eyelid, the medial canthus, the upper eyelid and the lateral canthus respectively.2 It is usually a slowly enlarging tumor and symptoms are rare.
The lateral canthus, posterior end of the tragus and commissure were marked as reference points with 3 pins with colored heads and the center of each ligament over the skin were also marked with 3 pins.
To treat lateral scleral show, a small amount of filler can be injected below the lateral canthus to provide lift.

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