lateral branches

lat·er·al branch·es

branches directed away from the midline, to the side. Terminologia Anatomica lists lateral branches (ramus lateralis/rami laterales) of the following: 1) artery of tuber cinereum (rami laterales arteriarum tuburis cinerci [TA]); 2) anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery (ramus lateralis interventricularis anterioris arteriae coronariae sinistrae [TA]); 3) pontine arteries (rami laterales arteriae pontis [TA]); 4) posterior rami of cervical/thoracic/lumbar/sacral/coccygeal spinal nerves (rami laterales ramorum posteriorum nervorum cervicalium/thoracalium/lumbalium/sacralium/coccygeum); 5) umbrical part of left branch of portal vein (rami laterales partis umbilici rami sinistri venae portae hepatis [TA]); 6) left hepatic duct (ramus lateralis ductus hepatici sinistri [TA]); 7) superior cerebellar artery (rami lateralis arteriae superioris cerebelli [TA]); 8) supraorbital nerve (ramus lateralis nervi supraorbitalis [TA]).
Synonym(s): rami laterales [TA]
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For cultured plants, data were collected on main stem height (cm) and the number of nodes on the main stem, the number of lateral branches and the number and sex of flowers.
Inferior phrenic artery arises from abdominal aorta as its one of the lateral branches.
But some, the so-called "everbearing" varieties, bear an early fall crop on the tips of first-year canes, or "primocanes," followed by an early summer crop on lower, lateral branches of second-year flori-canes.
The left lateral branches of the artery, portal vein, and hepatic vein were located; then, the liver hilum was dissected to isolate the respective vessels.
Now is the time to prune those lateral branches to 18 to 24 inches long for black raspberries and erect blackberries or up to 4 feet long for semi-erect varieties.
Damage by Molitinae weevils in general includes defoliation and chewing holes and pruning the apical sprout and lateral branches, which affects tree growth and wood quality.
Tenders are invited for Construction of water mains, sanitary sewage system with lateral branches of sanitary sewage system in the street.
Hence, if thinning the crown is required, keep lateral branches as evenly spaced as possible especially on young trees, the guideline said.
When this invasive species lies under the shade, it produces lateral branches that climb to the nearby vegetation and thus increase their competitiveness (SMITH et al.
Thereafter the lateral branches following from the nearest lateral branch relative to the source node (if two branches have the same position relative to the reference bus starting from each one is arbitrary) and then buses following the last bus in the main feeder are respectively numbered.
The traits that had undergone a change during domestication included a large taproot with a reduction in lateral branches and the most important of all is the accumulation of carotenoid pigments that is involved in imparting different colours to the carrot.
The SEM analysis of interface showed that the hybrid layer on sound dentin was well formed, with a large number of resin tags and a large amount of lateral branches (Figure 2) for samples with a composite system Prime&Bond NT--Ceram X Mono, while the presence of the hybrid layer could not be seen in the samples with composite system AdheSE One--Tetric EvoCeram and resin tags were poorly identified (Figure 3).

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