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Thus to check the effects of network latency on awareness modality based on task distribution model, only consider the dynamic task distribution mechanism was considered
The low latency solution delivers ease of global collaboration through multipoint technology and also can deliver effective point-to-point solutions.
Two of these standards efforts, in particular, are designed to help reduce latency at the end points by lessening the impact of the TCP/IP transmission protocol that sits atop Ethernet.
Although it is possible that the sarcoma represents a metachronous primary tumor, we feel that aside from the short latency period, it too meets the criteria of Cahan and is indeed a radiation-induced neoplasm.
Since April 2015, NTT Com's JPX-SGX Co-Location Direct has been providing the lowest-level latency between JPX and SGX at 63.
With this deployment of Infinera systems, which are optimised to deliver substantial reductions in latency and the benefit of new direct fibre routes, Colt is now offering services with a measured latency of 4.
Memory products manufacturer Kingston Technology Company Inc has revealed that it has expanded its Ultra Low Latency DDR modules and introduced Low Latency DDR2 memory modules.
Rotational latency can also be reduced using out-of-order data delivery, a feature that doesn't require the head to access the starting LBA first.
NEW YORK -- Fixnetix announced today, iX-eCute, an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) microchip for ultra-low latency trading is now the world's fastest trading appliance for the financial markets.
Azul rendered Quick Start Service and its professional services team, and these consulting services are meant for optimizing both new and existing low-latency Java applications requiring peak latency outliers of single-digit milliseconds and below.
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