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Bryan Beattie, director of Innermost Secrets, said: "Prematurity is a leading cause of death and handicap in the UK and many women - with risk factors like being pregnant with twins; having had IVF or a previous premature birth or late miscarriage - have little warning until it is too late.
'I also discovered that, the year before that, my mother suffered a very late miscarriage - almost a stillborn birth.
In the general population, treatment with clindamycin reduced the rate of late miscarriage and spontaneous preterm delivery by 10.4% (95% CI, 5.0-15.8).
Mrs Molloy, aged 29, had previously suffered a late miscarriage and was defined as an 'at risk' patient.
"But my instinct was to do it as it would raise awareness and educate people about stillbirth and late miscarriage and the process of what happens.
Ms Roberts told doctors she was drinking up to four bottles of wine a day following a late miscarriage in 2009.
This inspired Lisha to set up Little Angels, which provides outfits small enough for late miscarriage, stillborn babies or a neonatal death, made from donated wedding and evening dresses.
Women who have undergone fertility-sparing treatment for cervical cancer should be counseled about the challenges of pregnancy, including decreased fertility, risk of early and late miscarriage, and preterm delivery.
The presence of abnormal vaginal flora was associated with statistically significant increases in the rate of late miscarriage and preterm delivery.