laser therapy

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laser therapy

Any medical use of lasers for purposes designed to improve the state of patients. Laser therapy includes simple bloodless tissue cutting; destroying or sealing unwanted blood vessels; tumour destruction; unblocking obstructed FALLOPIAN TUBES to restore fertility; removal of tattoos and birthmarks; removal of atherosclerotic plaque and thrombosis inside arteries so as to restore patency; removal of prostate gland tissue causing outflow obstruction; precision corneal curvature adjustment to correct refractive errors; treatment of glaucoma by opening eye aqueous drainage channels (see LASER TRABECULOPLASTY); destroying peripheral parts of the retina so as to allow regression of dangerously fragile new blood vessels in DIABETIC RETINOPATHY; and attempting to promote healing in sprains, inflamed tendons and painful joints. See also LASER.


a device which generates an extremely intense, small and nearly nondivergent beam of monochromatic radiation in the visible region, with all the waves in phase; capable of mobilizing immense heat and power when focused at close range, it is used as a tool in surgery, in diagnosis, and in physiological studies. Laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.
Used also as a modern version of acupuncture and considered to be the biggest breakthrough in that technology for 5000 years. It provides a quick, painless and noninvasive method of point stimulation.

argon laser
used in ophthalmic surgery and in photodynamic surgery of the skin.
carbon dioxide laser
used in microsurgery and ophthalmic procedures.
low-energy laser therapy
used for wound healing and pain relief; includes visible red helium-neon lasers, invisible infrared gallium-arsenide lasers and gallium-aluminum-arsenid lasers.
laser therapy
in acupuncture the application of low intensity laser to acupuncture points.
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Statistics show that a smoker would relapse one or two times before quitting smoking forever, so we have a one year membership in case smokers feel that they want to smoke again," Aboulela, who got her diploma on low level laser therapy from Switzerland, said.
Did she do any other treatments besides laser therapy, and if so, how does she rule out the possibility that it was those treatments rather than laser therapy that produced the outcomes she claims?
After eight treatments of laser therapy, he was back to work, sleeping through the night and playing golf.
In chronic low back pain, is low level laser therapy more effective than placebo-laser therapy plus exercise at decreasing pain, increasing lumbar range of motion, and reducing disability?
Low level laser therapy (LLLT), used for sports injuries is one of the conservative treatments developed in 1960.
apart from just having laser therapy used for permanent hair removal for cosmetic treatment, laser therapy is very useful what we eat when was certain disorders and diseases where there is a chance of extreme blood loss or good tissues and vein getting damaged in process of healing the ailment that is already there.
James said he now hopes that proton laser therapy, which is a type of radiation treatment that uses protons to treat cancer, will be readily available in the UK.
Tender notice number : Laser Therapy Machine/ CRC Sundernagar/2016-17 PS
Introduction of intravitreal anti-vascular endothelial growth factors (anti-VEGF) have opened up a new venue for of treatment of CSME and PDR8-11 and is replacing laser therapy as a first line of treatment especially in CSME.
To avoid the use of medicines whilst breast-feeding, she is given MLS[R] Laser Therapy which allows her to be independent after one session only and, at the end of the 6 sessions, to fully recover.