laser microscope

la·ser mi·cro·scope

a microscope in which a laser beam is focused on a microscopic field, causing it to vaporize; the emitted radiation is analyzed by means of a microspectrophotometer; at a low intensity the laser is employed as the light source in an interference microscope.
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Invitation to tender :Advanced confocal scanning laser microscope for routine applications in neuroscience
After the testing, a laser microscope (Keyence VK-X100 series) was used to observe scratch damage features and obtain the onset point of the damage features.
One recent study used a special laser microscope that emits a "light sheet" to detect calcium ions and map the activity of 80 percent of a larval zebra fish's roughly 100,000-neuron brain.
The WPI lab features a confocal laser microscope like the one on display at the conference yesterday that is capable of magnifying an object 17,280 times, according to Olympus America sales representative Doug Kennedy.
On this and the facing page, learn about Nikon's latest confocal laser microscope, JEOL's new mobile SEM and Carl Zeiss's high content analyses tools.
The objective of collaborative research was to show how a scanning laser microscope (SLM) can be used to measure different food surfaces and how parameters describing the surface morphology can be obtained from scale-sensitive fractal analyses.
A Water Immersion Plan Apo lens objective was used for confocal laser microscope imaging.
Instron will equip these laboratories with state-of-the-art materials testing systems using laser technology for strain measurements, vacuum furnaces capable of temperatures to 2,300 [degrees] C, laser microscope and Instron's patented capacitive extensometry.
Brown and Maria Carolina Moreno work with a scanning laser microscope.
At the American Chemical Society'sspring national meeting in Denver this week, John Holland, a developer of the laser microscope system, described his instrument and its use in demonstrating the ability of some 100 known cancer-promoting agents--including phorbol esters (plant hormones), DDT, PCBs and saccharin--to shut down the transfer of chemical signals between adjacent cells.
Contract notice: Purchase contract procurement technical specifications detailed in the quantity and quality of spinning disk confocal laser microscope (sdclm) for the purchase.
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