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The knowledge of these common variations enhances the confidence of surgeons while performing tracheostomy [window being created in the anterior wall of trachea to exterior] tracheotomy (opening of trachea) laryngotomy /cricothyroidotomy/coniotomy [opening the larynx] at the crico thyroid membrane, as it is necessary to divide the pretracheal layer in order to expose the isthmus of thyroid gland either to retract it up or down using isthmus hook or divide it after clamping followed by suturing the stumps some times, the procedures are done above or below the isthmus.
The patient underwent excision of the well-circumscribed mass via a right laryngotomy approach (figure 2).
(4) Many consider granuloma removal through a large laryngotomy window with strap muscle reconstruction and arytenoid adduction to be the surgical treatment of choice.