laryngeal ventricle

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la·ryn·ge·al ven·tri·cle

the recess in each lateral wall of the larynx between the vestibular and vocal folds and into which the laryngeal sacculus opens.
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la·ryn·ge·al ven·tri·cle

(lă-rin'jē-ăl ven'tri-kĕl) [TA]
The recess in each lateral wall of the larynx between the vestibular and vocal folds and into which the laryngeal sacculus opens.
Synonym(s): Morgagni sinus (3) .
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Giovanni Battista, Italian anatomist and pathologist, 1682-1771.
frenulum of Morgagni - a fold running from the junction of the two commissures of the ileocecal valve on either side along the inner wall of the cecocolic junction. Synonym(s): frenulum of ileocecal valve; Morgagni frenum; Morgagni retinaculum
Morgagni appendix - an inconstant narrow lobe of the thyroid gland. Synonym(s): pyramidal lobe of thyroid gland
Morgagni cartilage - a small nonarticulating rod of elastic cartilage in the aryepiglottic fold anterolateral and somewhat superior to the corniculate cartilage. Synonym(s): cuneiform cartilage; Morgagni tubercle
Morgagni caruncle - middle lobe of prostate.
Morgagni cataract - a hypermature cataract in which the nucleus gravitates within the capsule. Synonym(s): sedimentary cataract
Morgagni columns - a number of vertical ridges in the mucous membrane of the upper half of the anal canal. Synonym(s): anal columns
Morgagni concha - the upper thin, spongy, bony plate projecting from the lateral wall of the nasal cavity, separating the superior meatus from the sphenoethmoidal recess. Synonym(s): superior nasal concha
Morgagni crypts - the grooves between the anal columns. Synonym(s): anal sinuses
Morgagni disease - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Morgagni foramen - congenital defect in the fusion of sternal and costal elements of the diaphragmatic anlage that is the site of a parasternal hernia. Synonym(s): foramen cecum of tongue
Morgagni fossa - the terminal dilated portion of the urethra in the glans penis. Synonym(s): Morgagni fovea; navicular fossa of the urethra
Morgagni fovea - Synonym(s): Morgagni fossa
Morgagni frenum - Synonym(s): frenulum of Morgagni
Morgagni globules - vesicles beneath the capsule and between lens fibers in an early cataract. Synonym(s): Morgagni spheres
Morgagni hernia
Morgagni humor - Synonym(s): Morgagni liquor
Morgagni hydatid - a vestigial remnant of the embryonic mesonephric duct. Synonym(s): vesicular appendices of uterine tube
Morgagni lacuna - one of a number of little recesses in the mucous membrane of the spongy urethra into which empty the ducts of the urethral glands. Synonym(s): urethral lacuna
Morgagni liquor - a fluid found postmortem between the epithelium and the fibers of the lens, resulting from the liquefaction of a semifluid material existing there during life. Synonym(s): Morgagni humor
Morgagni nodule - a nodule at the center of the free border of each semilunar valve at the beginning of the pulmonary artery and aorta. Synonym(s): nodule of semilunar valve
Morgagni prolapse - chronic inflammation of laryngeal ventricle.
Morgagni retinaculum - Synonym(s): frenulum of Morgagni
Morgagni sinus - Synonym(s): anal sinuses; laryngeal ventricle; prostatic utricle
Morgagni spheres - Synonym(s): Morgagni globules
Morgagni syndrome - hyperostosis frontalis interna in elderly women, with obesity and neuropsychiatric disorders. Synonym(s): metabolic craniopathy; Stewart-Morel syndrome
Morgagni tubercle - Synonym(s): Morgagni cartilage
Morgagni valves - delicate crescent-shaped mucosal folds that pass between the lower ends of neighboring anal columns. Synonym(s): anal valves
Morgagni ventricle - the recess in each lateral wall of the larynx between the vestibular and vocal folds and into which the laryngeal sacculus opens. Synonym(s): laryngeal ventricle
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
morgagnian cyst - a vestigial remnant of the embryonic mesonephric duct. Synonym(s): vesicular appendices of uterine tube
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la·ryn·ge·al ven·tri·cle

(lă-rin'jē-ăl ventri-kĕl) [TA]
Recess in each lateral wall of larynx between vestibular and vocal folds and into which laryngeal sacculus opens.
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We hypothesise that increased intralaryngeal pressure was caused by the vocal cord polyps obstructing the neck of the laryngeal ventricle leading to laryngocoele formation, in a very similar fashion to laryngeal carcinoma.
Radiological diagnosis is primarily by means of CT scan, which can show the characteristic intralaryngeal and extralaryngeal expansion, the relationship with the laryngeal ventricle and thyroid membrane, and the presence of carcinoma.
Kirse et al recently described an endoscopic extended ventriculotomy procedure in which most of the lateral wall of the supraglottis, including the false vocal fold and laryngeal ventricle, is resected.
To review, the laryngeal ventricle is the space that exists between the true and false vocal folds.
Those that arise in the laryngeal ventricle should be called laryngoceles.
Outpouchings of the laryngeal ventricle extend through the openings in the thyrohyoid membrane for the superior laryngeal vessels and nerve, and balloon outward and upward toward the submandibular triangle.
The vegetative lesion did not involve the anterior commissure or laryngeal ventricle. After excision of the polyp, a biopsy was performed on the anterior aspect of the suspected malignancy.
Narrow nostrils, elongated soft palate and everted laryngeal ventricles (Harvey, 1982a; Harvey, 1982b; Harvey, 1982c; Lorinson et al., 1997 and Koch et al., 2003) were the reasons for respiratory problems in brachycephalic airway syndrome.
MUC6 and 7 were not expressed in any of the tested (vocal folds, laryngeal ventricles and posterior commissure) samples.
(3) As otolaryngologists have been more diligent about looking for signs of LPR such as posterior laryngeal edema (swelling) and erythema (redness), obliteration of the laryngeal ventricles and interarytenoid hypertrophy, treatment for LPR based upon these findings has become increasingly common.
The appearance of the laryngeal ventricles, subglottic area, true vocal folds, and false vocal folds was normal.