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The Large Head model has a shower head diameter of 105mm and the Extra Large Head model measures 150mm.
Googling a runner Hawfinch 8.20 Kempton Britain's largest finch with a large head, bull neck and a powerful, conical bill.
When triggered, the large polyethylene bearing acts as a large head bearing that articulates within a metal cup.
It's 3.5 meters high, 5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, making it one of the largest archeological artifacts in Syria.The technique used in sculpting the statue shows attention to detail, accentuating the fangs, mane, slender body, large head and extended claws of the lion which is depicted as preparing to pounce.The use of basalt rock used to make this statue is of interest, as this stone is long-lived and very hard.
We've used gerbera daisies but you can achieve the same effect using flowers such as tulips (perfect for a budget arrangement), roses (great for their large head size) or calla lilies (ideal for their elegant stems).
Looking at his picture, it has a very large head and prominent eyes and mouth.
It had a large head, strong legs and tiny arms, and T.
MyTobii's unique ability to deal with large head movements has opened up eye control for people who are unable to use other eye controlled systems, including children and users with CP MyTobii takes only minutes to set up.
The man, attacked by two others, suffered a large head gash and facial injuries in the robbery at 12.50am on Sunday.
With its large head and stout body, the tiki is one of the most famous Maori carvings.
This massive study, first published in Cologne in 2001 as Der Letzte der Titanen, gives as full an account as we are likely to get of the life and achievements of the 'little man with a large head ...

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