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, gen.




(ad'eps, ad'i-pis, -pēz),
1. Denoting fat or adipose tissue.
See also: adeps lanae.
2. The rendered fat of swine, lard, used in the preparation of ointments.
See also: adeps lanae. Synonym(s): lard
[L. lard, fat]
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[L. lardum, fat]
Purified fat from the hog. The sole nutrient is fat; a 100-g portion contains 902 kcal.

benzoinated lard

Lard containing 1% benzoin, used as a vehicle for certain types of topically applied medicines.
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Lardy finds most of this criticism "misleading." He reexamines the data and argues that "the access of private firms to bank credit has improved so much that on average new bank lending to private firms in 2010-12 was two-thirds more than to state firms." He also contends that "China's stimulus ...
All the trends are in the right direction," Lardy said.
In 1995, Lardy moved from the University of Washington, where he directed the School of International Studies, to the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.
"I think it will go through rather quickly, Lardy said.
Christina joined Slimming World in April 2010 and by August this year she had shed a staggering 11st and went from a lardy size 24 to a trim size eight.
As one of the world's leading experts on China's economic reforms, Nick Lardy has produced two earlier books that have become keys to understanding the challenges China faces in making the transition to a market economy and becoming a full-pledged member of the global liberal economic order.
People could watch jaw dropping stunts from Stuntworld and madcap antics from Haurel and Lardy.
Cox's Bakery I remember for the big slab of butter you were invited to use when purchasing their lardy cake.
Meanwhile on Channel 4, the lardy and the lightlimbed are crying over crisps for the cameras.
They also sell home-made apple pies, lardy cakes and fresh cream cakes.
The cars will then return to the square by 2pm and will remain on display throughout the afternoon with comedy act Haurel and Lardy entertaining the crowds, performance from the West Midlands Police Band and a stunt show from the Motostunts International.
Or watching lousy Lisa massaging his lardy body as well as his giant ego?