laparoscopic surgery

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lap·a·ro·scop·ic sur·ger·y

operative procedure performed using minimally invasive surgical technique for exposure that avoids traditional incision; visualization is achieved using a fiber optic instrument, attached to a video camera.

Nintendo surgery

A popular term for a long-distance surgical procedure performed with video-game-like controls (i.e., “Nintendo” controls), guided by laparoscopy and live video, and facilitated by miniaturised tools and computerised technologies. The operator is located at a distance (across the room or in another time zone) from a “tight” operating field.

laparoscopic surgery

The use of a fiberoptic laparoscope and specialized instruments to diagnose and/or treat 'surgical' disease. See Laparoscopic staging, Paradoxical movement.

laparoscopic surgery

A range of surgical techniques performed through small metal or plastic ports inserted through short incisions in the skin. The instruments are externally controlled and the operation site is internally illuminated and is commonly viewed on a computer-type monitor. Since much of post-operative morbidity relates to the use of large skin and muscle incisions, this method is popular with patients and substantially shortens recovery time. Older surgeons must master some entirely new techniques and adapt to the change in the relationship of hand and eye. The method is rapidly replacing earlier and cruder methods.

Laparoscopic surgery; keyhole surgery

Surgery that utilizes a laparoscope with a video camera and surgical instruments inserted through small incisions.
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The use of robot-assisted surgery to treat urologic diseases has spread rapidly; this type of surgery is expected to overcome the technical difficulties presented by conventional laparoscopic surgery.
SGH-Dubai should be a centre of excellence for minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery in the region", says Dr.
The results were evaluated to ascertain whether practice characteristics associated with laparoscopic surgery were related to surgeon age, time in practice, practice type or academic degree.
Data Source: A single-center prospective study in which 145 women undergoing gynecologic laparoscopic surgery were randomized to oral sodium phosphate solution or a sodium phosphate enema as bowel preparation.
It is our joint objective to build a broad base of local expertise in surgical training as we develop this course into a more comprehensive simulation program to train all of our surgical residents in laparoscopic surgery," he added.
Two retrospective studies found that octogenarians not only tolerated laparoscopic surgery, but came through both colorectal surgery and paraesophageal hernia repair with excellent outcomes.
Akkary advises that the SILS procedure does take slightly longer than traditional laparoscopic surgery.
Specializing in laparoscopic surgery, McKinley, who also holds a degree in electrical engineering and a Masters in biomedical engineering, has become one of Canada's foremost authorities in telerobotic surgery.
The doctor had hoped to fuse my spine with laparoscopic surgery, but warned that he might have to open my thorax.
Laparoscopic surgery, in which surgeons guided by tiny cameras inside the body use miniature tools to, among other things, diagnose diseases and clip growths without making major incisions, has been around for about a decade.
Covidien (NYSE: COV), a leading global provider of healthcare products, today announced results of a retrospective data analysis involving more than 93,000 patients that demonstrate the benefits of laparoscopic surgery over open procedures.
Contract awarded for expression of interest to bid contracting services laparoscopic surgery and gynecology colposcopy services and patient vaginoscopy igss

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