laparoscopic surgery

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lap·a·ro·scop·ic sur·ger·y

operative procedure performed using minimally invasive surgical technique for exposure that avoids traditional incision; visualization is achieved using a fiber optic instrument, attached to a video camera.
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Nintendo surgery

A popular term for a long-distance surgical procedure performed with video-game-like controls (i.e., “Nintendo” controls), guided by laparoscopy and live video, and facilitated by miniaturised tools and computerised technologies. The operator is located at a distance (across the room or in another time zone) from a “tight” operating field.
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laparoscopic surgery

The use of a fiberoptic laparoscope and specialized instruments to diagnose and/or treat 'surgical' disease. See Laparoscopic staging, Paradoxical movement.
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laparoscopic surgery

A range of surgical techniques performed through small metal or plastic ports inserted through short incisions in the skin. The instruments are externally controlled and the operation site is internally illuminated and is commonly viewed on a computer-type monitor. Since much of post-operative morbidity relates to the use of large skin and muscle incisions, this method is popular with patients and substantially shortens recovery time. Older surgeons must master some entirely new techniques and adapt to the change in the relationship of hand and eye. The method is rapidly replacing earlier and cruder methods.
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Laparoscopic surgery; keyhole surgery

Surgery that utilizes a laparoscope with a video camera and surgical instruments inserted through small incisions.
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The Kupperman score and subjective symptom scores after treatment in Group-A were significantly lower than those in Groups B and C and before treatment, confirming that the use of GnRH-a after laparoscopic surgery may help in improving the related symptoms of EMT patients.
Is deep neuromuscular block beneficial in laparoscopic surgery? No, probably not.
Keeping in view the difficulty experienced in training residents in laparoscopic surgery, the Department of Surgery at Services Institute of Medical Sciences/Services Hospital, Lahore (SIMS/SHL) has also started its own inanimate training lab consisting of box trainers for training its Residents in laparoscopic surgery.
The instruments used in laparoscopic surgery are generally elongated, narrower versions of standard surgical tools.
(2) Laparotomy group: The anesthesia and surgical procedures of the control group were nearly the same with the laparoscopic surgery group, but a transverse incision was made at the right upper abdomen.
Sajida Quraishy said that in first three days of symposium in Civil Hospital lectures/presentations and demos were made on robotic and laparoscopic surgery. During the five-day symposium, several patients were operated free of cost in O.T Complex of Civil Hospital, which were observed by participants of symposium through cameras and the experts answered their queries.
Chairperson of the symposium Dr Sajida Quraishy said in first three days of the symposium learning sessions were held regarding robotic and laparoscopic surgery. During that several patients were operated upon free of cost at the CHK's OT Complex.
The camera is under direct control of the operating surgeon and the robotic instruments move with the wrist movements of the surgeon unlike in laparoscopic surgery where the camera and instruments are under opposite control.
The surgery that can be effectively handled with the new technology includes enlarged prostate, kidney stones, huge kidney stones, Gail stones and gynecological problems, such as utterine fibroid, ovarian cysts, and Laparoscopic surgery.
First reports pointed to various merits of laparoscopic surgery, and it has gained broader popularity after the comparison of open versus laparoscopic surgery for mid or low Rectal cancer After Neoadjuvant (COREAN) chemoradiotherapy and Colon carcinoma Laparoscopic or Open Resection (COLOR II) randomized controlled trials, in which authors compared open and laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery.

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