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3,3'-Thiodialanine; an amino acid obtained from wood that resembles cystine but has only one sulfur atom in the molecule rather than two, that is, a sulfide rather than a disulfide.
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Diet B contained higher levels of digestible methionine, threonine, and lanthionine (P < .
But Yin Hessefort, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, pointed out that a typical hair relaxer treatment can cause a 50% reduction in tensile strength because it changes about one third of disulfide bonds to lanthionine bonds.
By using molecular modeling approaches we were able to identify a potential binding site for abscisic acid on the lanthionine synthetase C-like 2 protein, a protein required for the beneficial health effects of abscisic acid.
They take their name from the lanthionine amino acids found within their structure ( lanthionine-containing antibiotics).
Under the collaboration, Oragenics will utilize Intrexon's advanced transgene and cell engineering platforms for the development and production of lantibiotics, a class of peptide antibiotics that naturally are produced in Gram-positive bacteria and contain the characteristic polycyclic thioether amino acids lanthionine and methyllanthonine.
The breakage of disulfide bonds with OH- ions follows the [beta]-elimination reaction with the formation of crosslinks involving dehydroalanine and lanthionine.
It is thought that a percentage of hair's natural disulfide bonds are converted to lanthionine linkages during relaxing, thereby reducing the hair's tensile strength.