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 (La) [lan´thah-num]
a chemical element, atomic number 57, atomic weight 138.91. (See Appendix 6.)
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lan·tha·num (La),

A metallic element, atomic no. 57, atomic wt. 138.9055; first of the rare earth elements (lanthanides).
[G. lanthanō, to lie hidden]
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A metallic element, atomic no. 57, atomic wt. 138.9055; first of the rare earth elements (lanthanides).
[G. lanthanō, to lie hidden]
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Summary of short-term studies: A statistically significant decrease in serum phosphate levels was observed in patients receiving lanthanum carbonate at doses of 500 to 3000 mg/day in two-double blind, placebo-controlled phase II studies (Hutchison, 2000; Joy & Finn, 2003).
In this study, there were significant variations in the composition of gut microbiota before and after using lanthanum carbonate.
- If neodymium is simply alloyed with lanthanum and cerium, its performance properties (heat resistance and coercivity) decline substantially, complicating the use of light rare earths.
The bigger dopant cations like bismuth and lanthanum has compensatory effect on the lattice distortion and seems does not affect the crystallinity as much as the zirconium-silicon dopant pair seems to do.
Chen, "Synthesis and magnetic properties of lanthanum orthovanadate nanorods," Crystal Research and Technology, vol.
In almost all the samples the surface was characterized by two zones: one brighter and cracked, where a higher amount of lanthanum was detected by EDS analysis and the other one darker and porous with a lower concentration of La.
In order to choose the most optimal LDPO for removal of phosphate and fluoride, lanthanum was added with various molar ratios between [La.sup.3+] and the iron ([Fe.sup.3+]), which was dissolved from the Pyrolusite into the solution.
Although lanthanum is a calcium-free alternative and is effective in achieving control of phosphate levels in the plasma, there is some concern with regards to accumulation of lanthanum.
Figure 1 shows powder X-ray diffraction patterns of pure ZnO and La-doped ZnO as a function of lanthanum dopant concentrations.
Among the various dopants lanthanum substitution is the most important as its ionic radius matches well with bismuth [7, 9].
Researchers at University of Tehran have worked on a project in which ceramic nanoparticles of lanthanum magnetite doped with strontium (La0.8Sr0.2MnO3) was produced through mechanical grinding and heating, Mehr News reported.