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Any of the chemically related elements with atomic numbers 57 through 71. Also called rare earth, rare-earth element.
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(Eu|Sm) N are given for the normalized values of these lanthanides for coaly chondritis - C1 (Tsoy, 2013).
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For the nuclei included in our study, all chains of lanthanides begins as vibrational with R(4/2) near 2.0 and move towards rotational (R(4/2) [right arrow] 3.33) as neutron number increases.
The lanthanide ions like Pr being hard Lewis acids are more likely to bond with the oxygen atoms whereas transition metals like Cu are soft Lewis acids and are more likely to bond with the N atoms.
Acknowledgments: We thank the Department of Biotechnology for collaboration in the development of fluorescent lanthanide labels, and for providing the Borrelia cells.
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'Personally, I am not aware of any application from Lynas to increase production of lanthanide at its factory here.
In connection with our previous work [17], poly (amidoxime-hydroxamic) acid resins were used for the sorption of various lanthanide ions [La.sup.3+], [Nd.sup.3+], [Sm.sup.3+], [Gd.sup.3+], and [Tb.sup.3+] from liquid systems.
The tridentate ligand is one of the most used for the preparation of lanthanide complexes [9, 15-17].