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Her writing exemplifies a creation of identity -- she revels in anonymity, and her dreamlike, sumptuous prose depicts the foreign lands she travels through with bristling imagery and poetic languor while also actively creating an alternate persona.
The upbeat confessionals, lustful languor and heartbaring candour highlight her many skills.
The valedictory cast of his poems, their concern with transcendence, and their concessions to the temporal, their languor and imaginative vigor, all together, all seamlessly integrated, is inimitable.
The final faint music from the dying vessel evokes Paul Ver - laine's "long sobs of the violin of autumn" that "pierced" his "heart"--and ours --"with monotonous languor.
A lack of communication between technicians and airline staff led to the passengers being crowded into a waiting area where they were forced to languor with little water and no food until 8 a.
A line from a poem by Verlaine, "soothe my heart with a monotonous languor," broadcast late on June 5, told the Resistance that the invasion was imminent.
This theme isn't all that unique in the world of R&B--sexual advances, unwanted or otherwise, are the makeup of most songs--but with Aiko's pale languor, the early stages of romance are authentically, if semi-miserably, illuminated.
The Collection epitomizes the mystic languor and bonhomie of beach towns in all their rustic chutzpah.
The suicide is calmly recounted in the opening scenes, barely disrupting the film's exquisite languor.
As the muscles relax, a heavenly languor sets in, and nothing penetrates the subterranean chambers from the broken world above but the scattered rays of sunlight that pierce the swirling clouds of steam.
However he added, "Discrimination in the educational system here also adds to their languor keeping them behind in every walk of life.
The political parties have managed to inspire this unique mix of wrath and languor by deciding on the one message they think can sway the electorate and then repeating it every time a television camera is in the same postcode.