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lan·guage game

in philosophy, all the operations and behaviors contained in and expressed by symbols, language rules, and the social customs concerning language use.
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In the next section, an important robotic experiment is discussed, which implements the language evaluation phenomenon in cognitive robots with the grounding principle for action category of words and provides a prototype example for the above-described language game methodology.
As opposed to this, Putnam's pragmatist reading of Wittgenstein insists on the idea that "the use of the words in a language game cannot be described without using concepts which are related to the concepts employed in the game." (Putnam 1995: 46) This means that language games are not ruled by a definite set of criteria, a set which, if one pays attention enough, one would learn how to use; but rather, that language games are self-contained forms of life:
“The fun spark of the language games leaves us jumping with joy,” wrote the German Foundation Reading back then.
The more broadly a First Amendment language game is defined, the less likely it is to capture the values that justify its protection, and the more likely it is to be overinclusive with regard to speech.
(It is hardly surprising, as we will see, that throughout the novel, Len evinces a deep suspicion of mirrors.) In this sense, any epistemological language game that depends on the idea of "correct perception" can only be, as Pete declares, "periphrastic," a futile exercise in circumlocution.
Trapped in the caffeine dream, If we are all captains then there is no team, Silence is golden and so is a scream, Language game cheats claim they're s u p re m e.
Reading Wittgenstein, it seems that he even boldly asks 'why does it have to mean anything at all?' Amid all the questions, there is a point--Wittgenstein is concerned with exposing the grammatical rules and functionality of the language game of religious and non-religious believers.
The work exemplifies Carvalho's broader aim: to critique mediated reality by playing with the image's sign value as a kind of language game.
The language game is a success if the hearer agrees with that description and a failure if the hearer disagrees.
Aren't judgements about the horrific treatment visited upon the planet's most vulnerable peoples actually fuelled by a sense of what justice requires, rather than by what justice happens to mean in this or that language game? The question makes it appear that, when individuals or groups raise a claim of justice, they are doing something more than raising a claim in a language game.
(36) On the one hand, the Political is a language game like the others, with its own specific rules and immanent possibilities of transformation and, on the other hand, it has other language games for its content.
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