language delay

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language delay

the failure of language to develop at the expected age.

lan·guage de·lay

(lang'gwăj dĕ-lā')
In pediatrics and speech and language pathology, denotes a condition in which a child has not developed language skills at an age-appropriate level.
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They will share insights on topics related to identifying signs of early language delay, infantile colic and advances in drug development in spinal muscular atrophy, among others.
The most consistently reported risk factor is a family history of speech and language delay.
Interventions for parents with their children to identify speech and language delay, disorders, and general poor language acquisition and put in place remedies.
Draft recommendation statement: Speech and language delay and disorders in children age 5 and younger--Screening.
The study which analyzed data from a large Norwegian population-based pregnancy cohort study called "MoBa," disclosed that children born to mothers who used mobile phone had a 27 per cent lower risk of developing lower sentence complexity, 14 per cent lower risk of incomplete grammar and 31 per cent lower risk of having moderate language delay at age of three years as compared to the babies of mothers who reported that they did not use mobile phones during pregnancy.
This is the first study to report an association between hand-held screen time and increased risk of expressive language delay,' Birken added.
The initial symptoms usually include language delay, recurrent seizures (epilepsy) and difficulty coordinating movements (ataxia).
A child whose mother was anxious during pregnancy is more likely to have ADHD and language delay.
The charity believes speech and language delay is a primary cause of the persistent attainment gap between children living in poverty and their better-off peers in Wales.
He covers language delay and disorders, articulation and phonology disorders, stuttering, voice and resonance disorders, aphasia, motor speech disorders, dysphagia, traumatic brain injury, and hearing loss and deafness.

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