language barrier

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language barrier

Any of the difficulties in communication that arise when patients and their health care providers do not share fluency in a common language.

Patient care

Professionally trained health care interpreters should be employed to bridge communication gaps. The interpreters are known to have better communication with the patient than do family members, concerned lay people, or incompletely trained staff members.

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Abu Dhabi New technology can serve to break down language barriers in the UAE community, allowing better communication between different groups, a business executive said yesterday.
With more than 40 different languages spoken in the West Midlands, the PocketComms idea was developed to help police officers overcome language barriers.
The COPS Office and the Vera Institute of Justice formed a partnership to identify and disseminate promising practices that some police departments have implemented so that others can model programs after these to address language barriers they face.
POLISH "ghettos" are springing up across the region because language barriers mean workers stick together, the Welsh Affairs committee was told.
Language barriers in health and social care negatively affect the quality of services provided, an MP claimed yesterday.
Keeping high expectations while accommodating for language barriers
The investigators observe that "language barriers are not insurmountable" (as the finding regarding mammography suggests), and stress that "it is time to recognize the role that language barriers play in health disparities and to begin to equip health care providers with the .
This article demonstrates why research on immigrant language barriers should account for local variations in the way these barriers are experienced by different immigrant groups.

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