language barrier

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language barrier

Any of the difficulties in communication that arise when patients and their health care providers do not share fluency in a common language.

Patient care

Professionally trained health care interpreters should be employed to bridge communication gaps. The interpreters are known to have better communication with the patient than do family members, concerned lay people, or incompletely trained staff members.

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This is precisely why, a small film such as Hangover , which did not have a big-star cast, grossed Rs 6 crore in India."India today has a young population and language barriers are melting.
"Taking steps to overcome the language barrier shows respect and helps your organization function better," advises Maloney.
Smartlyte is part of the Regional Language Network West Midlands (RLN WM), which offers free support to firms to help them find the most cost-effective way to overcome language barriers.
It wasn't the language barrier. The doctor didn't understand what l was doing in his clinic.
Undaunted by the language barrier, he and Raab visited cancer hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, connecting with physicians, sharing their vision, and establishing friendships.
Chapters discuss the nuts and bolds of building a "learning economy", how to network for regional economic development, issues of language and policies to help transcent the language barrier, and much more.
Therefore, do we reject these people because the language barrier makes it all too difficult, or do we look for ways around the problem, to help these people use their skills to improve the region's economic performance?
If Japan is anything to go by the language barrier won't be a problem at all."
A spokesman for the Seattle Police Department subsequently told reporters that, since the language barrier kept officers from immediately speaking with the victim and several other witnesses, they had acted on the best information available at the time, which was deemed sufficient to justify the arrests.
She decided to overcome the language barrier with impressions of Hollywood film legends like Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Temple and Bette Davis.
"The language barrier sometimes creates a problem, but when that happens we manage to communicate through show and tell movements."
"For companies looking to expand internationally it is logical to start with countries where there is no language barrier. Ireland in particular, with its close proximity to the UK, is a logical first step for UK companies looking to launch international marketing operations.

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