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A recognizable skeletal or soft tissue structure used as a reference point in measurements or in describing the location of other structures. See: cephalometry; craniometry

bony landmark

A structure or spot on a bone used as a reference for measurement.

cephalometric landmark

A bony point that is used in living persons or radiographs for measurements of the head or face or orientation of the head in certain positions.

craniometric landmark

A bony point or area on the skull used for measurements or orientation of the skull.

orbital landmark

A cephalometric point located at the lowest point of the orbital margin.

radiographic landmark

A cephalometric, craniometric, or soft tissue landmark used for orientation or measurements.

soft tissue landmark

An area or point on a soft tissue used as a point of reference for measurements of the body or its parts.
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Anatomic structure used in locating, identifying, referencing, and measurement.
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According to de Bourbon, there are approximately 25,000 landmarked properties across the city, up from about 23,000 in 2003.
Still, some retailers work better than others in landmarked buildings.
Council Member Rosenthal's bill would require all developers modifying a landmarked building or a building in a historic district to notify the community of all significant changes to their plan after their initial presentation to the LPC.
"Landmarked buildings and historic districts are essential to the identity and cultural heritage of New York City.
From 2003-2012, only 100 units of affordable housing were built on landmarked property Citywide; compared to nearly 35,000 affordable units created on non-landmarked properties.
The report also found a stark difference in demographics between residents who live in landmarked areas and those who do not.
"gyro required an open design and connectedness in a signature Manhattan office building," he said, noting that their new space at 115 Broadway provides state-of-the-art infrastructure in a "beautifully restored" landmarked office building.
The report's analysis concluded that that of all the new housing created citywide over the past decade, less than one half of one percent was within landmarked historic districts.
Between 2003 and 2012, 206,819 new residential units were constructed, and only 1,318 of those were constructed on landmarked properties.
There were no new units of affordable housing constructed on landmarked properties in Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island.
Only 0.19 percent of the 62,743 new housing units constructed in Brooklyn during the 10-year period were on landmarked properties, and none of the 120 units were affordable.
The firm is marketing 35,000 s/f of retail space and the landmarked lobby, which will likely feature a restaurant and cafe, is being re-opened.