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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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In 2010, the Veolia Pecan Row Landfill closed and payments ceased to Wilkening.
According to Olenbush, many metalcasters using their sand as landfill cover do not realize a cost reduction, as landfillers may not offer a lowered disposal fee for that application.
The landfill sits on a total of 400 acres, and receives about 1,500 tons of waste per day.
While attending the initial meeting, the discussion turned to the problems a few Ohio C&D landfills had with H2S.
As garbage accumulates, it creates ongoing pollution problems that can last for decades, even after the landfill is closed.
Townsend's goal is to help landfill regulators and managers decide how to allocate scarce resources.
In fact, since today's plastics are lighter in weight than ever before, they take up even less space in landfills than they used to.
He says that the new data also suggest a need for technologies to capture methyl mercury from landfills before it can enter the atmosphere.
Correctional Facilities May Be Able to Use Landfill Gas as Fuel
But the students covered evidence that the Wallkill landfill contains massive amounts of toxic waste that may be leaking through a liner.
American Forests' Global ReLeaf Forests program has been turning trash into treasures by regreening closed landfills with trees on sites in Louisiana, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.
Starting about six months ago, waste haulers say, low-value curbside materials like commingled bales of bottles and film began quietly disappearing into landfills.