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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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The plant is twice as powerful as other landfill gas projects in northern California.Inside the plant, six of GE Energy's Jenbacher JGS 616 GS-L.L generator sets are using the landfill's methane-rich gas to generate renewable electricity 24 hours a day.
Similarly, in "The Impact of Landfills on Residential Property Values," Reichert, Small, and Mohanty report that a survey of homeowners living near landfills found "the most severe nuisances are odor and unattractiveness," (16) and that "the residents interpreted odor from the landfill as a signal of potential health hazards." (17)
The same logic holds for steps leading to the landfill: at transfer stations or MRFs, at demolition and land clearing sites, and at saw mills and woodworking shops.
Out-of-state jurisdictions that send banned items, such as car batteries and motor oil, to a Michigan landfill three times in a year would have their certification revoked.
Even so, the European Union has banned lead solder in certain electronic devices beginning in 2006, due to landfill concerns.
While expressing his reservations on the establishment on this page (DN, February 20), John Wandaka gave an example of a landfill he visited in Israel.
Landfills like the one in Southbridge are commonplace in the United States today, with more than 3,500 sites active across the country.
Now a private developer wants to build a landfill just a few miles from his backyard, and Obregon is fighting again for the interests of his family and hundreds of colonia residents.
The site, which covers approximately 400 acres, includes residential and industrial properties and the two landfills. The EPA will require that the groundwater associated with the landfills continues to be monitored and treated, if necessary.
Nonhazardous waste from homes, business, and institutions ends up in municipal solid waste landfills, where it decomposes and breaks down to form landfill gas, which includes carbon dioxide, a number of air toxics, and methane.