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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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Two areas became radiologically contaminated in 1973 when soils mixed with uranium ore processing residues were used as a daily cover in the landfilling operations.
But, the reasons for public ownership of a landfill in the 1970s may not be sufficient for continuing to be a landfill owner in the mid-1990s because landfilling has dramatically changed, primarily due to a multitude of new federal and state regulations.
As we arrive in the mid-1990s, these new regulations in landfilling, referred to as Subtitle D, are in effect.
The cost of landfilling is substantially higher and is incurred up-front, involving engineering, permitting, and construction costs.
Many landfills, particularly those located in areas with above average rainfall such as Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana, have been "mined" less than 30 years after closure to make space available for additional landfilling. In many instances, the organic fraction of the excavated material, which had decomposed, was used as compost or as cover material for landfills.
Perhaps there is another solution to the leachate quality problem when using the wet cell method of landfilling. Many landfills include leachate treatment capability as a component of the overall landfill design.
We invite you to comment on or tell us of your experience with wet cell or dry tomb landfilling.