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A border, frontier
Biology See Biological boundary
Psychology A barrier between two or more people, in particular between a doctor and patients and/or subordinates
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Further delays in ratifying the land boundary agreement could pose countless disadvantages.
The Indian stance on the issue is that; the East-West horizontal line (marked by the erected pillars) as the land boundary, the centre of the Navigable Channel up to Sir mouth marked by the dotted lines in 1914/1924 agreements as the MB within Sir Creek and the common BLP at the centre of the Sir Mouth based on already published Navigational Charts.
The Centre recently approved the historic Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh.
As a result, enclave's villagers are facing huge difficulties after the Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) 1974 also known as Indira-Mujibur treaty came into existence.
After a protocol was signed on 6th September, 2011, the issues relating to demarcation of un-demarcated boundary; the territories in adverse possession; and exchange of enclaves were identified and resolved, which forms an integral part of the Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh, 1974.
The agreement on the demarcation of land boundary between Bangladesh and India and related matters, signed in May 1974 is a unique document that epitomises the depth of the friendship, goodwill and mutual trust and above all, the vision of peace and harmony of two great statesmen- former Bangladeshi prime minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his then Indian counterpart Indira Gandhi.
DESPITE opposition from various political parties, the UPA government is keen on pushing through a constitution amendment bill on the India- Bangladesh land boundary agreement in Parliament to signal its commitment on the issue to Dhaka.
The Foreign Secretary is likely to discuss the Constitution Amendment Bill on the land boundary agreement with Bangladesh.
It's learnt that she will also press for the signing of the land boundary agreement and the Teesta water treaty which is stuck following the reservations expressed by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.