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n a thin slice of porcelain or plastic fabricated in a dental lab, which is cemented to the front of the teeth to cover gaps, whiten stained teeth, or reshape chipped or broken teeth. Laminates, or veneers, are generally natural in appearance and are long-lasting.
laminate veneer restoration,
n a conservative esthetic restoration of anterior teeth to mask discoloration, restore malformed teeth, close diastemas, and correct minor tooth alignment. The materials of choice are acrylic veneers, processed composite resin veneers, and/or porcelain veneers that are bonded directly to a properly prepared tooth.
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Sales of high-pressure laminates will continue to depend on their advanced performance characteristics, such as long-term durability and greater resistance to scratches.
The basic principle for the manufacturing of C&S laminates involves coupling of a pair of thin external layers with an inner honeycomb structure by means of strong welding/glueing.
DECORATIVE LAMINATES DEMAND (million square feet) % Annual Growth Item 2005 2010 2015 2005- 2010- 2010 2015 Decorative Laminates Demand 13430 9510 12400 -6.
High-end laminates have a thicker core (cores range from 6 mm to 12 mm).
But although laminates can mimic the look of most species, many homeowners still prefer hardwood flooring.
In practice, manufacturers are producing laminates by pressing the core and decorative layers together without using other layers in an attempt to reduce their costs and remain competitive in the global market.
Summary: Escalating demand for laminate flooring from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors alike at a strong pace has ensured that the global laminate flooring market will reach 1.
Europe, Asia and USA together account for over 88 percent of the global laminate flooring market.
Total Decorative Laminate Demand: 10,670; 12,950; 15,650; 3.
Results indicate insignificant effects of hardening temperature on the strength of both laminates, although laminates hardened at 80[degrees]C have slightly higher strength.
Manufacturers of high-pressure laminates for countertops and backsplashes are using improved photographic and printing technologies to produce innovative colorations, patterns, finishes, and textures that will compete with the now-less-expensive natural granites and highly popular engineered quartz materials.
Below the protectant, laminates have a highly compressed paper liner with a photographic image of wood.