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n a thin slice of porcelain or plastic fabricated in a dental lab, which is cemented to the front of the teeth to cover gaps, whiten stained teeth, or reshape chipped or broken teeth. Laminates, or veneers, are generally natural in appearance and are long-lasting.
laminate veneer restoration,
n a conservative esthetic restoration of anterior teeth to mask discoloration, restore malformed teeth, close diastemas, and correct minor tooth alignment. The materials of choice are acrylic veneers, processed composite resin veneers, and/or porcelain veneers that are bonded directly to a properly prepared tooth.
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Despite an ongoing shift in production of many laminated engineered wood products toward China, India, and other developing areas, demand for laminates in Western Europe is still significant, as the region maintains large RTA furniture and laminate flooring industries.
Laminates manufactured with the Cellular/Stratified (C&S) system also satisfy the design requirements for a reduction weight up to 1/2 - 1/3 with respect to traditional bulk laminates with equal flexural-torsional stiffness and the possibility to use processing techniques already involved for conventional laminates (cutting, bending, deep drawing).
Decorative Laminates (published 02/2012,291 pages) is available for $4900 from The Freedonia Group, Inc.
As you know, the majority of the laminates sold in the past have been wood patterns, and these are still an important base of demand for laminates," said Baumgartner.
The types, general characteristics, and pressing conditions of the papers and resins used in production influence the physical and mechanical properties of the laminates.
Better laminates are C[pounds sterling]texturedC[yen] to create a more realistic look and feel.
He pointed out that growth of laminate flooring was attributed in large measure to features such as superior performance of the product including its sturdiness, fade and stain resistance, low maintenance, as well as lower price and wide-ranging styles.
The study also anticipates double-digit gains in the flooring market to result from the continued penetration of laminate flooring, especially in residential remodeling.
Below the protectant, laminates have a highly compressed paper liner with a photographic image of wood.
Teradyne is the second "name" laminate vendor put recently on the block: As PCD&M reported in April, Isola AG is also for sale.
Sophisticated 3D mold-filling simulations have shown these outer laminates to be as much as 100[degrees] C hotter than the laminates in the center of the runner channel.