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incapable of normal locomotion; deviation from the normal gait. See also claudication.


(lām) incapable of normal locomotion; deviating from normal gait.


adj. lamer, lamest
1. Disabled so that movement, especially walking, is difficult or impossible: Lame from the accident, he walked with a cane. A lame wing kept the bird from flying.
2. Marked by pain or rigidness: a lame back.
tr.v. lamed, laming, lames
To cause to become lame; cripple.

lame′ly adv.
lame′ness n.


incapable of normal locomotion; deviation from the normal gait. The commonest cause of lameness in animals is pain in a limb or its supporting structures, but contractures of joints, and deformities and shortness of limbs are also causes.

Patient discussion about lame

Q. My two years old boy started to limp and to complain about foot pain. what can it be? My two years boy is complaining about a left foot pain. the pain starts in his thigh and radiates down. He doesn't have fever or any other symptom. He started waking in the age of 1.5 years and he never walked well. He seems like he is never balanced on his left leg. His labor was traumatic, and I needed a C-section. what can be the source of his complaints?

A. Hello...has your son been seen by a pediatric orthopedist? There are many things this could be...including flat feet, no arches (have the child step in water and then walk on concrete...see if you can see an arch there or is there nothing but the water with no indication of an arch. Just in case of something more serious, and not to frighten you, but let's say things are out there today, ? a rare syndrome or even Charcot? Only a pediatric orthopedist could address those types of issues and no mom ever wants to see her son or daughter suffer...
it hurts us as much as them I think! If it continues or gets worse, please do not delay in seeing the pediatric orthopedist to be sure.
I hope this was helpful and blessings your way. BARBS

Q. is the one first question i asked here a lame one? it's just that it's been 15 days. i think i put some real effort in confronting myself so as to benefit, not waste anyones or my time. i don't know i figured more feedback would be offered. hey if it's kind of a i don't know hopeless question maybe any answer, really any answer at all would be appreciated? thanks...

A. Thank you!

Q. My arms go limp And my chest hurts. There is no way I can lift my arms. It lasts 10 min. This eposode comes on every few days. Its scary. Drs. have no clue. Thanks betty

A. well, i'm not a Dr...but there is a web site that might give you a clue on what's wrong and what questions to ask the Dr. sometimes it's important to know what kind of Dr. you need:

good luck! i hope you'll get a lead!

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