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(lam'ĕ-lăr, lă-mel'ăr),
1. Arranged in thin plates or scales. Synonym(s): lamellate, lamellated
2. Relating to lamellae.
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Early radiograph descriptions, however, have reported on a characteristic concentrically lamellated pattern of splenic calcifications in chronic brucellosis, (3) which unfortunately has not been demonstrated after the advent of CT, (1) probably due to the rarity of splenic brucellomas and the much larger trend for an uncharacteristic gross appearance.
Each cell may have an individual distinct firm and lamellated or homogenous sheath.
Lamellar bodies are lamellated phospholipids that represent a storage form of surfactant (1).
If these layers are parallel to the cortex, the sign is described as "onionskin" or lamellated; if perpendicular to the cortex, these layers are said to be "spiculated."
of uterine opening (46) M operculate eggs usually longer than 50 [mu]m (47) La adults with pharynx near oral sucker (48) N lamellated walls in protonephridia (49) N cercomer shifted to ventral surface (50) N single medial excretory vesicle opening postero-dorsally
Periosteal reaction may be lamellated or spiculated.
Although a distinctive feature of spironolactone bodies is their concentric and lamellated pattern, Luxol fast blue stain can also be used to distinguish these inclusions from other mimickers because of their rich content of phospholipids (Figure 1, F).
It demonstrated mixed echogenicity, lamellated appearance with alternating layers of hypo and hyperechoic tissues (Figure-1a).
The epidermis showed acanthosis in some areas, mild focal spongiosis with an intact granular layer and a moderately thickened stratum corneum showing lamellated hyperkeratosis, with parakeratosis being visible only in some fields [figure 4].
Altner, "Lamellated outer dendritic segments of a sensory cell within a poreless thermo- and hygroreceptive sensillum of the insect Carausius morosus," Cell and Tissue Research, vol.
(2) Compact osteoma (also known as osteoma eburneum), as seen in our patient, is composed of dense lamellated bone and is the most common type of osteoma.
Light and electron microscopy study of lamellated nerve endings found in rat cheek mucosa.