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(lam'ĕ-lăr, lă-mel'ăr),
1. Arranged in thin plates or scales. Synonym(s): lamellate, lamellated
2. Relating to lamellae.
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(lə-mĕl′āt′, lăm′ə-lāt′)
1. Having, composed of, or arranged in lamellae.
2. Resembling a lamella.

lam′el·lat′ed adj.
lam′el·la′tion n.
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Possible junctions or synapses between bristle cells and adjacent lamellate body cells, nervous elements, or other types of cells in the epithelial floor need to be identified and mapped.
Ampelita milloti is perhaps more similar in having axial riblets on the protoconch and lacking spiral microsculpture, but its teleoconch sculpture is finer, the axial elements more irregular and fragmented, appearing granular rather than lamellate (particularly evident on the base).
longulus in having lateral margins of pronotum curvate or strongly so, lateral margins of head strongly converging apicad from base and scutellum shorter 1.33 x projecting posteriad with apex conical but it can easily be separated from the same latter being larger species, lateral margins of pronotum of much prominently curvate and narrowly lamellate and sides of venter strongly coarsely punctate.
Metafemur rather tumid, weakly enlarged; tibial spines prominent bur shorter than diameter of respective tibia; parempodia lamellate, somewhat semicircular, subparallel or apically convergent.
calidus include: i) absence of secondary cercal sensilla, ii) spine-like rather than lamellate frontoclypeal sensilla, and iii) differences in the distribution and size of the stemmata.
Hymenium: Pores conspicuously variable, ranging from round to angular to irregular to daedaloid to more or less lamellate; white initially, turning creamy white to pale brown with age or drying.
Layer A (external) is subdivided into a lamellate zone (A1) and an inner homogeneous sublayer (A2).
All four types of unipolar sensory cells are elongate with a 2-7-[[micro]meter]-wide perikaryon [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE I OMITTED] and a slender, simple, beaded, or bushy axon with spatulate, tapered, lamellate, or branched terminals.
Post-knee region of telopodite coiled or spiralled proximally, becoming lamellate before narrowing distally into a long thin extension with a trifurcate ending.