lamellar keratoplasty

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non·pen·e·trat·ing ker·a·to·plas·ty

keratoplasty in which only the anterior layer of the cornea is used (not a tectonic keratoplasty).
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lamellar keratoplasty

Transplantation of donated corneal tissue into the middle layers of the cornea, leaving the corneal endothelium and inner layers of the cornea intact.
See also: keratoplasty
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Excision of corneal tissue and its replacement by a cornea from a human donor. This can be done either over the entire cornea (total keratoplasty) or over a portion of it (partial keratoplasty). Two main techniques are used: (1) the penetrating keratoplasty in which the entire thickness of the cornea is removed and replaced by transparent corneal tissue; (2) the lamellar keratoplasty in which a superficial layer is removed and replaced by healthy tissue. Common indications to perform keratoplasty are therapeutic (e.g. keratoconus, corneal ulcer) or cosmetic (e.g. removing an unsightly opacity). Syn. corneal transplant. See ciclosporin; granular dystrophy; eye bank; corneal graft; immunosuppressants.
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