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Acronym for lentigines, atrial myxoma, mucocutaneous myxomas, and blue nevi. See: LAMB syndrome.


young sheep still with its dam or up to 5 months of age. Qualified as ram or ewe lamb. In commercial usage may include much older animals, e.g in Europe.

lamb bed
bummer lamb
an American term for an orphan lamb that has to be fed artifically with milk replacer.
lamb dysentery
a severe, highly fatal enteritis with diarrhea and dysentery in young lambs caused by Clostridium perfringens type B.
lamb industry
includes stud flocks which produce rams of fat lamb breeds, e.g. Dorset Down, commercial farms breeding crossbred fat lamb mothers and fattening the lambs. The latter may be undertaken in feedlots or on special pasture fattening farms. Saleyards and sale rings, lamb abattoirs and wholesale outlets comprise the marketing side of the industry.
lamb marking
earmarking, castration and tail docking.
lamb marking rate
the percentage of lambs born which reach the stage of lamb marking. An index of lamb mortality rate.
lamb poison
l's quarter
l's tongue
Scleroblitum (chenopodium) atriplicinum, plantago.
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1m Welsh lambs could be on the domestic market between now and December.
It was concluded that high quality calf milk replacer can be used as an efficient substitute of ewe milk for optimum growth performance in neonatal Salt Range lambs after mandatory colostrum feeding.
RETAILERS are being urged to back Welsh Lamb as producers head towards Brexit under a cloud of uncertainty.
There seems to be too much New Zealand lamb in our major retailers and not enough British lamb, and I really would like the ministers to bring that to the attention of the major retailers, that British lambs should now be in the shops.
Here we aimed to evaluate, by logistic regression and CHAID (Chi-Square Automatic Interaction Detector) analyses, the extent of breed and heterosis effects on the causes of preweaning mortality of lambs, including the effects of year of birth, month of birth, ewe breed, birth type, lamb sex and birth weight.
Moreover, the average body conformation of Dumbi lambs of group A in respect of girth, height and length (56.
Underfeeding causes a metabolic energy crisis that can be fatal for lambs and ewe.
The collapse in wholesale prices has been blamed on the financial crisis in the eurozone, the rising costs of feed and wet weather throughout the second half of 2012 which caused a delay in getting lambs fit for market.
As a result she will shed more worm eggs, putting lambs at risk once they start grazing.
We did some research and bought a purebred ewe of a different breed we thought would be more productive, but we still wound up with single lambs.
The ewes that produce spring lambs will have been fed a dry diet through the winter, whereas autumn lamb-producing ewes have been out on the summer pastures, eating mainly grass and other plants.