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Acronym for lentigines, atrial myxoma, mucocutaneous myxomas, and blue nevi. See: LAMB syndrome.


young sheep still with its dam or up to 5 months of age. Qualified as ram or ewe lamb. In commercial usage may include much older animals, e.g in Europe.

lamb bed
bummer lamb
an American term for an orphan lamb that has to be fed artifically with milk replacer.
lamb dysentery
a severe, highly fatal enteritis with diarrhea and dysentery in young lambs caused by Clostridium perfringens type B.
lamb industry
includes stud flocks which produce rams of fat lamb breeds, e.g. Dorset Down, commercial farms breeding crossbred fat lamb mothers and fattening the lambs. The latter may be undertaken in feedlots or on special pasture fattening farms. Saleyards and sale rings, lamb abattoirs and wholesale outlets comprise the marketing side of the industry.
lamb marking
earmarking, castration and tail docking.
lamb marking rate
the percentage of lambs born which reach the stage of lamb marking. An index of lamb mortality rate.
lamb poison
l's quarter
l's tongue
Scleroblitum (chenopodium) atriplicinum, plantago.
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Readers new to Kathleen Norris aren't likely to give the book what it deserves: a second chance, in which they abandon all expectations and trail, lamblike, behind the author onto strange terrain.
Mothers and pups also use sight and smell to help identify each other, but each animal has a distinctive call (for pups, a lamblike bleat) that sets it apart from its cohorts.
However, while I have had no difficulty in deciding not to fake my reactions, and dress up my mutton thoughts as lamblike perceptions, it is fair to note that the older we get--or, let's be gentle about it, let's say the more experienced we get--to some extent, the extent of which we ourselves may be unconscious, our ideas and opinions probably get more rigid.