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Interpretation In summary, the patient has a mild plasmacytosis on the biopsy (~5-10%) that is lambda light chain restricted.
Metachronous development of nonamyloidotic lambda light chain deposition disease and IgG heavy chain amyloidosis in the same patient.
Flow cytometric analysis of kappa and lambda light chain expression in evaluation of specimens for B-cell neoplasia.
Lambda light chains are more commonly detected than [kappa] light chains.
Similar staining intensity of kappa and lambda light chains was also noted.
Antibodies with human heavy and lambda light chains are created by means of Kymouse HL strain while Kymouse HK produces antibodies with human heavy and kappa light chains.
The tumor cells were negative for CD20 (figure 3, A), positive for kappa light chains (figure 3, B), and slightly positive for both lambda light chains (figure 3, C) and CD38.
They are characterized by a broad diffuse band with one or more heavy chains and kappa and lambda light chains.
There are 2 populations of B cells: one is positive for CD5, monotypic lambda light chains (green), and the other is negative for CD5, monotypic kappa light chains (blue).