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(lā) [Fr. lai, L. laicus, fr Gr. laïkos, pert. to the people]
Not professionally trained in or qualified to practice any of the professions for which a higher education is required (e.g., law, medicine, clergy).
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Q. what is leukemia in lay person language, what causes it, what are the symptomes, and is it cancer

A. Leukemia is cancer of white blood cells. there are about 6-7 types of Leukemia i think...i'll have to check that one out. it basically means a white blood cell got mutated and started to multiply like crazy. causes severe problems. the types defer in which part of maturation it got cancerous. i hope i helped- if you still need more information, just ask! i'm here.

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As this week's revelations have laid bare, people must be able to speak out and get the help they need Childline conducted sessions with abuse, 6,486 in FA and Paul Stewart is immense.
The last group, which comprised 46 people, arrived in Laayun on October 9 and laid bare the torture endured by the population held against its will in the camps, affirming that the polisario is instructed by the Algerian authorities, which use the separatists to undermine the territorial integrity of the kingdom.
Mathematical achievements such as concepts of irrational numbers, imaginary numbers, the infinitesimal, the fourth dimension, periodic space, and more are explored in terms accessible to lay readers, and their intersection with art, literature, philosophy, and physics among other disciplines is laid bare. Yearning For The Impossible is as much of a celebration of the greater understanding mathematics has brought to the world as it is a history and discussion of innovative concepts, and is highly recommended for library and personal reading shelves.
Tedious racial firebrand Jesse Jackson, for example, maintained that the post-storm New Orleans scene "looked like Africans in the hull of a slave ship." Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean did his part to whip up a reaction: "We must come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a deadly role in who survived and who did not." The radical Guardian in London gleefully charged that the storm had "laid bare the ugly truth about America's racial divide."
But the catastrophic trifecta of hurricane, tsunami, and earthquake laid bare critical civil fissures.
Following Hurricane Katrina, when the economic circumstances of many African Americans were laid bare for the world to see, his words have even greater than usual appropriateness.
Yet Franklin's career as a clinical psychologist has yielded a treasure trove of lives laid bare across several generations of black men in their quest for "visibility."
Watching Mackenzie change reels, control the projectors, and add and remove gels is fascinating--he is the wizard behind the curtain revealed, the magician whose tricks are laid bare. While you might expect this to take away from the film, instead it enriches it, allowing us to appreciate the dexterity and skill of the projectionist much as we might admire the virtuosity of a musician's technique at a concert.
of soliciting false and fraudulent bids, declaring in a statement that the case against ULR "demonstrates that the corrupt practices first laid bare in the Marsh suit are present in additional sectors of the industry."
In the spirit of Off-Broadway theater, which has long flourished by reinventing existing space, the designers have laid bare some surfaces, such as a rough concrete wall, and have showcased others--for example, by building lightboxes around structural columns.
In another short article by Isaac Asimov entitled "The Price of Life" this problem is laid bare:
A party memo to candidates, leaked a few days earlier, laid bare the Liberal strategy: smear Stephen Harper and the Conservatives as right wing loons.