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(lā) [Fr. lai, L. laicus, fr Gr. laïkos, pert. to the people]
Not professionally trained in or qualified to practice any of the professions for which a higher education is required (e.g., law, medicine, clergy).
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Q. what is leukemia in lay person language, what causes it, what are the symptomes, and is it cancer

A. Leukemia is cancer of white blood cells. there are about 6-7 types of Leukemia i think...i'll have to check that one out. it basically means a white blood cell got mutated and started to multiply like crazy. causes severe problems. the types defer in which part of maturation it got cancerous. i hope i helped- if you still need more information, just ask! i'm here.

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The bill was nonetheless laid aside for inclusion in the omnibus, with a promise to further tweak the language.
The former St Johnstone boss said: "I've laid aside the months of March and April to go down and I'm looking forward to it.
"I have laid aside for the House of the Lord one hundred thousand talents of gold and one million talents of silver, and so much copper and iron it cannot be weighed.
Political differences must be laid aside and all parties must join hands to defeat terrorism.
JOHN Steel has an admission to make - it was thanks to classic track House Of The Rising Sun, by his band The Animals, that Bob Dylan laid aside his folk roots and picked up an electric guitar, a decision that still divides the American singer's fan-base.
And at that moment the grim realities of life - temporarily laid aside - came back with a vengeance and Roman shoulders slumped with the weight of expectation.
He said: "As you all know, something happened to me and I was laid aside! First, with heart surgery and then six months after returning to work the removal of my gall bladder and all within the last 12 months!
Presently, breathing fast now, he laid aside the heavy blade and took up a lighter Italian foil and stuck it through his belt.
I don't say this often, have long laid aside my art,
Though historians don't much like the term, which is applied to scenarios in which the citizens of a troubled country with a restricted media use Twitter and other online social networking sites to update the rest of the world, via posts and photos, what's going on inside the country, the term seldomgets laid aside for long.
Told with a piercing intensity and exquisite sensory detail, this story will haunt the reader long after the book is laid aside.
The road layout has been changed with questionable benefits, taxis have more places to park and water features which require maintenance and potential money laid aside for injury claims.