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, pl.


(lă-jē'nă, -jē-nē),
2. One of the three parts of the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear of lower vertebrates; in mammals, the lagena becomes the cochlea.
[L. flask]


, pl. lagenae (lă-jē'nă, -nē)
2. One of the three parts of the membranous labyrinth of the internal ear of lower vertebrates; in mammals, the lagena becomes the cochlea.
[L. flask]
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redtenbacheri esta conformada de un utriculo y de una lagena, pero se desconoce la posible funcion de estas estructuras en esta especie, ya que en Lepidoptera, tanto el utriculo como la lagena varian tanto en forma como en funcion, sobre todo con relacion a la recepcion de los espermatozoides eupirenicos y apirenicos, ya que, por ejemplo, en Diatraea saccharalis (F.) (Crambidae) ambos tipos de espermatozoides entran tanto en el utriculo como en la lagena (Miskimen et al.
Se considera Mioceno Temprano por la ocurrencia de Lepidocyclina sp., aunque no aparecen Lagena gibbera ni Cibicidoides falconensis, debido a que son especies batiales.
postarmillata Biozone is characterized by the FAD of Conochitina rudda Sutherland, Sphaerochitina scanicus Grahn, Eisenackitina lagena (Eisenack) and Ramochitina spinipes (Eisenack).
Special thanks are extended to MSL personnel John Moser, Butch Pellegrin, David Hanisko, Lagena Fantroy, William Driggers, Terry Henwood, and Lisa Desfosse for assisting with literature searches, developing data summaries and graphics, or conducting manuscript reviews.
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Swedish security group Panaxia Security AB said on Wednesday (5 March) that its transport subsidiary AB HA-BE Frakt has received a contract for transport services from the alcoholic beverages distributor Lagena Distribution AB.
For instance, a subsidiary company of Systembolaget, Lagena, that was set up to ensure distribution access for smaller wholesale traders and producers is charging basic fees for its services at a level that is regarded to be prohibitive by smaller companies.
argillophila Laufeld, Cingulochitina crassa Nestor, Cingulochitina baltica Nestor, and a zonal species Eisenackitina lagena (Eisenack) appear, the last one at a depth of 249 m, which marks the base of the E.
Four youths will benefit from scholarship support: Trent Douglas Malone ($4,000), Michael Sean Witty ($3,000), Tiffany LaGena Gladin ($1,000) and Kristi Nichole Welch (a one-time $500 award).