lag of accommodation

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1. the time elapsing between application of a stimulus and the resulting reaction.
2. the early period after inoculation of bacteria into a culture medium, in which the growth or cell division is slow.
lag of accommodation the extent to which the eyes fail to focus accurately.
anaphase lag delayed movement during anaphase of one homologous chromosome in mitosis or of one chromatid in meiosis, so that the chromosome is not incorporated into the nucleus of one of the daughter cells; the result is one normal cell and one cell with monosomy.
jet lag see jet lag.
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At the reevaluation, lag of accommodation and lensometry were performed again to make sure all inclusion criteria were satisfied.
The lag of accommodation was measured in the right eye only using a Shin-Nippon open-field autorefractor (NVISION-K 5001) with participant wearing their up-to-date glasses.
The primary outcome measure in this study was the change in lag of accommodation from baseline visit to 12-week visit.