lactobacillic acid

lac·to·ba·cil·lic ac·id

(lak'tō-ba-sil'ik as'id),
A major constituent of the lipids of lactobacilli; notable for the presence of a cyclopropane ring in the molecule.
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Moreover, lactobacillic acid coeluted with another interfering substance with the corresponding mass spectrum of 165 m/z.
Recently, we identified by GC-MS the presence of CPFAs (dihydrosterculic and lactobacillic acids, Figure 1) in milk and dairy products [3, 4] and more recently in meat (unpublished results).
Moreover, observing the preliminary results showed in Table 1 on three fish samples, it seems that GC-MS underestimates the content of cyclopropane fatty acids, suggesting that besides cyclopropane fatty acids with 19-carbon atom skeleton, such as dihydrosterculic and lactobacillic acids, it is possible that other CPFAs with different chain lengths occur in fish.