lactic acidemia

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lac·tic ac·i·de·mi·a

(lak'tik as'i-dē'mē-ă),
The presence of dextrorotatory lactic acid in the circulating blood.
Synonym(s): lactacidemia
[lactic acid + G. haima, blood]

lac·tic ac·i·de·mi·a

(lak'tik as'i-dē'mē-ă)
The presence of dextrorotatory lactic acid in the circulating blood.
[lactic acid + G. haima, blood]


(as?i-de'me-a) [ acid + -emia]
A decrease in the arterial blood pH below 7.35. The hydrogen ion concentration of the blood increases, as reflected by a lowering of serum pH values. See: acid-base balance; acidity; acidosis

isovaleric acidemia

A rare autosomal recessive metabolic disease affecting leucine metabolism. Isovaleric acid accumulates in the blood during periods of increased amino acid metabolism. Coma and death may occur.

lactic acidemia


methylmalonic acidemia

An inherited metabolic disease caused by inability to convert methylmalonic acid to succinic acid. The clinical signs are failure to grow, mental retardation, and severe metabolic acidosis. One form of the disease will respond to vitamin B12 given either in utero or to the mother before delivery.


pertaining to milk.

lactic acid
a compound formed in the body in metabolism of carbohydrate, by fermentation of carbohydrates in the rumen and by bacterial action on milk. The sodium salt of racemic or inactive lactic (sodium lactate) acid is used as an electrolyte and fluid replenisher.
lactic acid cycle
the metabolic system by which lactic acid produced by glycolysis in muscles is converted in the liver to glucose. Called also the Cori cycle.
lactic acid indigestion
lactic acidemia
lactic acidosis
the state in ruminants in which there is an excess of lactic acid and lactate in the body, due usually to unadapted grain feeding and carbohydrate engorgement.
ruminal lactic acid
the level is high in carbohydrate engorgement.