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Resembling milk; milky.
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1. Milky.
2. Botany Secreting or yielding a milky sap.

lac·tes′cence n.
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[sup][2] TG level between 500 and 1000 mg/dl accompanied by lactescent serum (chylomicrons are formed at TG levels >500 mg/dl, which makes the serum milky in color) should raise a high degree of suspicion, especially if no other obvious etiology of AP is apparent or when estimation of TG has been delayed.
Readers are regaled with lurid accounts of Republican atrocities: a "striped shirt and black tasseled loafers," an "excess of their ideal body weight," a "lactescent complexion," "a mole that stands out on his brow a half-centimeter," or "big labial deltas of flesh straining below their waistbands." The article reads like a nineteenth-century anthropological adventure in which the pith-helmeted explorer studies a foreign people's strange customs and physiognomic peculiarities.
(15.) "Et des lors, je me suis baigne dans le Poeme/De la Mer, infuse d'astres, et lactescent,/Devorant les azurs verts; ou, flottaison bleme/Et ravie, un noye pensif parfois descend ..." Arthur Rimbaud, Oeuvres completes, 101.