lacteal vessel

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any channel for carrying a fluid, such as blood or lymph; called also vas.
absorbent vessel lymphatic vessel.
blood vessel any of the vessels conveying the blood; an artery, arteriole, vein, venule, or capillary.
collateral vessel
1. a vessel that parallels another vessel, a nerve, or other structure.
2. a vessel important in establishing and maintaining collateral circulation.
great v's the large vessels entering the heart, including the aorta, the pulmonary arteries and veins, and the venae cavae.
lacteal vessel those that take up chyle from the intestinal wall during digestion.
lymphatic v's the capillaries, collecting vessels, and trunks that collect lymph from the tissues and carry it to the blood stream.
nutrient v's vessels supplying nutritive elements to special tissues, as arteries entering the substance of bone or the walls of large blood vessels.
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(lak'tē-ăl), Avoid the mispronunciation lacte'al.
1. Relating to or resembling milk; milky.
2. A lymphatic vessel that conveys chyle. Synonym(s): chyle vessel, lacteal vessel
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1. Relating to or resembling milk; milky.
2. A lymphatic vessel that conveys chyle from the intestine.
Synonym(s): chyle vessel, lacteal vessel.
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