puerperal mastitis

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pu·er·per·al mas·ti·tis

mastitis, usually suppurative, occurring in the later part of the puerperium.
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puerperal mastitis

Mastitis, often accompanied by suppuration, occurring in the later portion of the puerperium. The breast may become indurated due to retention of milk.
See also: mastitis
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Paul, Austrian physician, 1871-1923.
Mathes syndrome - breast pain with nursing. Synonym(s): puerperal mastitis
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As the term lactational mastitis is referred to a spectrum of clinical conditions ranging from mild breast inflammation to complicated infectious mastitis, an inflammation severity index was used to screen the patients for inclusion.
Individuals diagnosed with lactational mastitis were screened using the inflammation severity index which is reported as summation of three different scores (Erythema, Breast tension and Pain).
[1,2] Most breast abscesses develop as a complication of lactational mastitis. The incidence of breast abscess ranges from 0.4 to 11% of all lactating mothers.